A Day in the Life of a Criminal Defense Attorney

For a criminal defense lawyer, trying to detail what they do every day is like trying to predict what the weather will be like next month. It can vary greatly, but it is that unpredictable variation that makes the profession exciting. An attorney never really knows what the next week will be like. So, let’s look at a more or less “typical” day in the life of a criminal defense attorney.

Rise and Shine, Counsel

A typical day usually starts with going to the office, spending some time checking and replying to e-mails, and making any necessary phone calls. The attorney might get a call to check out a crime scene or meet with a new client.

Let’s say our attorney has been called to the scene of a shooting involving one of his or her clients. The lawyer will arrive at the scene and begin asking questions about what witnesses saw and heard. Not all criminal defense attorneys play around like they have the leading role in an episode of “CSI” or “Sherlock Holmes,” but asking witnesses questions does help to get a better grasp of what went down as opposed to just meeting with clients in the office. It’s a personal preference, though.

It’s Time for Court

By mid-morning, most criminal defense attorneys head to court for their first case of the day. Attorneys may specialize in certain criminal defense cases, or they may choose to broaden their offering. There are different kinds of criminal cases, such as DUIs, DWIs, white collar crimes, drug possession, domestic violence, assault, cyberstalking, fraud, kidnapping, and even alien smuggling. In court, the attorney will go back and forth with the judge until a decision is reached. If the attorney is unhappy with the judge’s ruling, he or she may choose to appeal, and it’s time to move on to the next case of the day.

A criminal lawyer will spend the most part of a day in court. If they are working on a large case, they could spend a couple of weeks in chambers in pre-trial and preparing papers, but most of the time, they can be found cross-examining their witnesses and stating their case to the judge or the jury.

Attorneys enjoy the adrenaline buzz of appearing in court each day. During any criminal defense trial, they must be able to think quickly since the facts of any case can change very suddenly. They may have just a nanosecond to decide whether to change their line of questioning or remain on track.

Lawyers Who Lunch

Attorneys are pretty busy, and there’s not often time for a proper lunch unless they have scheduled a lunch meeting. If the attorney has another case on that day, he or she will usually head to the next courtroom. If the attorney has a client who pleads guilty, he or she will make a suggestion for jail time, and the judge will then lay down a decision.

It may be time to grab some food after that and head back to the office or chambers where the attorney will spend the remainder of a long day, answering emails and going over cases and documents to prepare their legal arguments and cross-examinations for their next court appearance. Many attorneys don’t leave the office before dark, where they will navigate traffic, perhaps stop off at the gym, get home for dinner, and maybe have a little time to relax before they start all over again the next morning.

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Often, the odds are stacked against a criminal defense attorney’s client. Typically, there is evidence that implicates the client which resulted in an arrest. But, David Joffe enjoys the challenge of defending clients and seeing them end up in a better place than when they first approach him. Criminal defense attorneys like to help people and fight for justice every day.

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