In the state of Florida, most sex crimes and allegations of sexual misconduct are reviewed and handled by courts at a state level. However, in some, more serious situations, the federal court system presides. Federal sex crime charges are more serious and tend to carry longer prison sentences, higher fines, and more severe penalties. This means that anyone facing potential federal sex crime charges will have a great deal more at stake. Federal sex crime allegations can damage your reputation severely; federal sex crime charges can have an enormous impact on your financial status, assets, and life in general. Federal charges may include instances of human trafficking, sex offender register violations, sexual battery or violence, rape, cases involving child pornography, cases where death has taken place, and more. Residents of Hillsborough County who have been accused of federal sex crimes or who believe allegations of serious sexual misconduct may be brought against them should seek legal representation immediately. Each case involving a federal sex crime is unique and may be handled differently. Joffe Law, P.A. has experienced Tampa sex crimes attorneys who know that complicated cases require high levels of attentiveness and expertise. Our lawyers have decades of experience in areas including but not limited to federal sex crimes like:

    • Child pornography

      Sexual crimes against minors and children carry heavy penalties and may be handled at both state and federal levels. Child pornography is defined as any material that exploits children for sexual purposes. Sexual crimes of this nature include the possession, exchange, or involvement of any kind, in illegal activity related to child pornography. Possessing, viewing, or exchanging illegal pornographic images, videos, or material can lead to serious federal charges. When suspected child pornography crimes are suspected, individuals may be pursued aggressively by local, Florida, and federal officials. This means that sting operations take place more often than many people realize. In these sting operations, federal agents or local law enforcement officers pose as people looking to obtain illegal pornographic images with the sole purpose of taking perpetrators into custody to face strict sentences with severe penalties. Because of the presence of online pedophiles and long-time child pornography rings, some individuals are sent malware with pornographic images that they did not even intend to receive. Child pornography is a serious crime. Allegations of child pornography, even if proven false, can have a permanent negative impact on the reputation of the accused. If you are accused of anything related to crimes of this nature in Hillsborough County, seeking the help of a Tampa sex offense lawyer is critical.

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      • Sexual battery

        Assault and battery charges may be used interchangeably, though they are in fact, totally different charges. Assault refers to the threat of harm while the term battery refers to actual physical harm that has taken place. Sexual battery can include multiple forms of criminal sexual interaction and generally refers to an act of forcible unwanted sexual contact. This may include any type of unwanted sexual contact that is either violent or non-violent. If actual unwanted physical sexual contact has been made, sexual battery charges are possible. This can include charges of rape or unwanted sexual assault. Under federal law, crimes of sexual battery may carry multiple charge counts and be prosecuted severely. Sexual battery charges often are paired with other charges such as sexual assault, groping, battery, assault, and rape. If you have been accused of federal sexual battery, your case can be prosecuted at both federal and state levels. Consequently, you may receive multiple counts of the same charge. Sentencing for sexual battery is almost always severe and can carry penalties including long prison sentences and being made to register as a lifelong sex offender.

      • Human trafficking

        Florida is a hub of international trade. Over the past few decades, it has also become a central part of the sex trade industry. With human trafficking gaining attention nationwide, officials in Florida have started to crack down on human trafficking. Individuals may be charged with human trafficking if they knowingly transport, harbor, solicit, recruit, trade, obtain, maintain, or exploit another person either commercially or privately for financial gain. Human trafficking is defined as transporting people illegally from one place to another for forced labor or sexual exploitation. However, having anything to do with any number of human trafficking-related activities may lead to serious federal charges. This means that anyone who has involvement, even unknowingly, in activities related to human trafficking, may face serious charges followed by severe consequences. If you have been contacted by federal officials due to human trafficking-related activity or if you suspect that allegations related to human trafficking may be raised against you, we advise you to contact an experienced federal sex crime defense attorney as soon as possible. Whether you are guilty or not, human trafficking allegations should be taken very seriously.

      • Rape

        Rape is a broad term that can cover a large number of criminal activities. In Florida, any individual who either anally, orally, or vaginally penetrates another individual without the express consent of that individual, may be charged with rape. Another non-consensual sexual mouth to genital contact may be classified as rape. Non-consensual penetration may be accompanied by a wide array of other charges including assault, sexual assault, sexual battery, statutory rape, and more. If a victim is under the age of 12 in the state of Florida, lack of consent is automatically decided and implied by law. Rape is classified as a sexual assault statute. If sexual assault is committed on federal property or in an area where the federal government has jurisdiction such as maritime jurisdiction, in a U.S. territory, or when crossing federal borders, federal prosecution will automatically occur. Federal charges of sexual assault will carry more severe penalties that state sexual assault charges.

      • Date rape

        Date rape is defined as rape that has been committed by the person with whom the victim has gone on a date with. This can include rape that has been committed in both long and short term relationships. Date rape cases may be complex and usually lack third-party witness testimony. This can mean that allegations of date rape require intense investigation and experienced attorney representation on both sides. Date rape is now taken very seriously by the judicial court system.

      • Prostitution

        Prostitution involves the exchange of sexual services or engaging in sexual activity for financial gain. Solicitation is the offering of money in exchange for services that are sexual in nature. Prostitution and solicitation charges are both taken very seriously in the state of Florida. There are eight different acts that may carry charges of prostitution or in Florida including operating or owning a prostitution-related business,
        performing sexual acts in exchange for money, offering a residence for prostitution acts to take place, aiding in the transport of a person for prostitution-related acts, scheduling an appointment to engage in or prostitute, asking another person to become a prostitute or engage in prostitution, entering a brothel or place where prostitution is taking place, and knowingly hiring someone who engages in prostitution activities.

      Retaining experienced defense counsel is critical

      Having an experienced federal sex crime attorney on your side can make all of the difference in your unique case. If you believe that you may be facing federal sex crime allegations in Tampa or elsewhere in Hillsborough County, the sooner that you obtain legal representation, the better. Your attorney will be able to hear out your side of the story and assist you in defending your rights and freedoms. Your Tampa federal sex crime defense lawyer may be able to help you form a mitigation strategy, review available evidence, and more. Federal sex crimes charges should not be taken lightly. Joffe Law, P.A. is here to help you decide what your next move should be.